- The SYSEX IN led doesn’t blink. Check the MIDI IN port of the SYSEX track in Ableton Live. It should correspond to the PC OUT port of your Nord Modular. (see 2.2.1 Routing of this manual).

- The sound doesn’t change when I tweak the knobs. Be sure the CC Numbers you have in the patch of the Nord Modular correspond to the CC Numbers you defined in the configuration of the G1 Modular Controller. (see 2.3 CC Configuration of this manual)

- The Banks and/or the patches doesn’t load when I’m browsing from the G1 Modular Controller. It’s likely because the Nord Modular doesn’t return the right message. Turn off your Nord Modular and turn it on again. It should resolve the problem. Another reason would be the MIDI Chanels are not properly configured (see 2.2.1 Routing in this manual). MIDI channels set in Ableton Live should be the same as the MIDI channels in the Nord Modular Settings (refer to the Nord Modular manual to know more about MIDI Channels). 

In any other case, restart Ableton Live, load the Device and then turn on the Nord Modular and check if the problem persists. The Nord Modular can be buggy sometimes especially regarding the SYSEX communication. Restarting is, in most cases, the best solution. If the issue persists, feel free to contact us for assistance.