This is the official Nord Modular Editor v3.03 adapted for Mac OS X. It is embed in a standalone Wine compiled App. That's why the app size is so big (around 550 MB). It contains all the Wine binaries so the app can run without prior install of Wine. 

If your Midi setup is stuck to "Still Looking...", it's probably because your Midi Interface is not transmitting fast enough. Try with a different one. 

Here's a list of known compatible and stable Midi Interfaces:

  • EDIROL UM-2 (2xIN 2xOUT) (except on Sierra)
  • E-MU Xmidi 1x1 (Ground loop though)
  • Elektron TM-1 
  • M-audio Uno
  • Digidesign M Box 2 Pro
  • M-Audio MIDISport 4x4
  • MOTU Micro lite 5x5
  • ...


If you experience a success or a failure, please take a moment to report which OSX and Midi interface you use by contacting us. Thanks!

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions. HERE



    20, JULY 2016    
   263.7 MB




  • Download and Unzip the file
  • Launch
  • Go to Setup>MIDI
  • On Port 1, check 'Enabled' and select the IN and OUT ports that communicates with your
    Micro Modular (must be plugged to PC in and PC out of the MM)
  •  Click [OK] to apply