- Download Stage-Engine-G1-Controller.alp
- Double click the file. It will launch Ableton Live.
- When prompted, choose a directory where you want to save the Live Set. This Live Set will have to be loaded as a Track each time you will want to use the Nord Modular.
- Then, go to File > Open Live Set… and select the Stage-Engine-G1-Controller.als live set.
- It will load the device to be used with all the necessary tracks for the setup.

Important note: If you want to move the Max for Live device to your library or anywhere else, be careful to copy all the files that are necessary for the device to work correctly.
There’s 4 files to be copied:

  • Stage-Engine G1 Controller-x.x.x.amxd

  • SE-G1-Slots-Relay-1.amxd

  • SE-G1 SYSEX-Relay.amxd

  • Se-G1-knob.png

By default, the user's Library is located:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
\Users\[username]\Documents\Ableton\User Library

Windows XP
\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Ableton\User Library

Mac OS X
Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Music/Ableton/User Library/

- Go to the ‘Main Controller’ track and check that the device is loaded in the Device View of the track
- Unfold the “Setup” Group track
- Go to each MIDI SLOT A, B, C and D track and check the G1 Slot Relay device is loaded in the Device View of each track.
- Go to Sysex track and check the G1 Sysex Relay device is loaded
- If everything is loaded correctly, you can fold the “Setup” Group track for a better view.


The Live setup contains a Main Group that contains Tracks and another sub-Group for Setup.

2.2.1 Routing

In order to properly connect to the Nord Modular, do the following:

- Unfold the Setup Group. In the "SYSEX" track, set the Midi Input and Midi output of the track to the corresponding PC IN and PC OUT ports of your Nord Modular.

- For each MIDI SLOT A, B, C and D, set the inputs and outputs ports to the same MIDI Channels they are set in your Nord Modular settings. 

- For each MIDI SLOT A, B, C and D, set the corresponding Slot in the G1 Modular Relay device. 

In this example, the "Relay" device set to SLOT B is placed in a MIDI track where the MIDI Output is set to the same MIDI Channel as the SLOT B defined in the Nord Modular synth settings.

In this example, the "Relay" device set to SLOT B is placed in a MIDI track where the MIDI Output is set to the same MIDI Channel as the SLOT B defined in the Nord Modular synth settings.

- Set the right Audio inputs in the G1 Audio track in order to receive the audio signal from the Nord Modular. If you use multiples outputs from your Nord Modular, create as many tracks as needed within Ableton Live.

2.2.2 MIDI Mapping

To map the knobs of the G1 Controller to your hardware controller, enter MIDI Map Mode in Ableton Live, click the G1 Controller device’s knob you want to affect and immediately turn the actual knob from your physical controller.
Ableton Live must have been configured to accept MIDI messages from your controller. See in the Live Preferences and check that the Remote button is enabled for your hardware controller (Preferences > Link/MIDI).  Please refer to the Ableton Live manual for further details.  


In MIDI Map Mode, any blue item in the device is assignable.


To set up the knobs to be both controlled by Ableton Live automations and control the CC parameters of your Nord Modular, do the following:


- In the Main Controller device, click the “setup” button

- Each number box corresponds to the CC Number the knobs
will transmit to the Nord Modular. In order to use this panel of knobs easily, try to always use the same CC numbers between your patches. This way, the 18 knobs of the Stage Engine G1 Controller will always have an influence whatever patch is loaded. 

The CC Numbers you define in the G1 Controller configuration must correspond to the CC Numbers in the Parameters column of the Nord Editor mapping dialog window.

- The CC numbers will be remembered by saving the Live set.

2.4 TEST


To ensure that the G1 Controller device is now correctly configured, do the following:

- Be sure the green LCD panel of the device displays “Connection...”

- Turn on your Nord Modular. The panel should now display “Loading...”. Once finished, it should display the name of the first Patch of the first Bank. If it displays “Error”  refer to the Troubleshooting section at the end of this manual.

-  Also check into the setup panel that the SYSEX IN led is blinking. It means your synthesizer is talking to the G1 Controller. If it’s not the case, check that the SYSEX track in Ableton Live is configured correctly (See 2.1 Installation in this manual).

- Load a patch in Slot A of the device. Send midi notes from your keyboard by routing them through the MIDI SLOT A track in Live. Check that you can hear what you play. If not, check your physical MIDI connections and the MIDI routing in Live (see 2.2.1 Routing section of this manual). Be sure the Audio  routing is also well configured. Refer to Ableton Live manual for Audio routing.