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1.1 Thank You

Thank you for purchasing the Stage Engine G1 Controller.
Stage Engine enables artists to fully express their creative world, from the studio to the stage. We create custom softwares that fit artists’ composition needs, help set up their live sets and create enhanced live experiences. 

We hope you will  enjoy this software.
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1.2 What is the G1 Controller?

The G1 Controller is a Max For Live device that controls Clavia’s Nord Modular synthesizer within Ableton Live.

You will be able to browse the Banks and Patches of your Nord Modular, switch the slots or use the Performance mode directly within Ableton Live.   

You can also control up to 18 Knobs MIDI CC parameters of your choice with your external MIDI controller, record them as automations in Live, apply LFOs, use the “Random” button to generate brand new sounds and last but not least, play with the "Mutator" slider to glide from one sound to another. 

The G1 Controller will definitely enhance the capabilities of your Nord Modular. 



The Stage Engine G1 Controller works with:

  • Ableton Live 10 (Minimum)
  • A Clavia Nord Modular 
  • At least 2 x In/Out MIDI Interface
  • The Nord Modular Editor (you can download a version for Max OS X on our website